paladin's Fan club section #2

here we Have the new Power Rangers Fan club set (first release) This set was released during timeforce and you can currently still sign up for it at The set contains: (note this is what I got..I think some of its random) 1.Quantom ranger key chain Again i'm curious if its random..or just a set keychain. 2. hackey sack (notice it has no pr markings) 3. Activity book Its labeled #1 out of 6 (there was a similar set available at walmart for lost galaxy) 4.Green Ranger glasses I'm curious if these are randomly given out 5. Window clings These are released by 6.Autographed picture This is simply a potocopied picture no real autographs sadly (big disapointment) 7.playing cards simple punch out cards x6 8. trading cards sheet1 sheet2 2 sheets of punch out cards .One has the membership card 9. Door Hanger pretty self explanitory 10. Carrying case a simple but nice case for holding the kit (imo the best part of the set) I'm pasively disapointed in the set..the cards and autograph espeiclay. the hackey sack is simply a plain pr insignia at all. for the overall price of 20$ and the discount off pr stuff you get it may be worth it in the long run I'm looking for any variants that others may come across. If you happen to have any information..You know where to look. Back to main">