paladin's Power Rangers Hero's page

1.Hero's series 1

This wave was released early 2000 and consisted of the best of the bet rangers from past Pr series it consisted of ranger (tommy) 2.White Ranger (tommy) 3.Gold Ranger (Jason/trey) 4.Phantom Ranger (?????) Each ranger comes with The same accesories that thier origonal versions came with . These were packaged on normal sized card backkings (blue) with generic backings
:This wave was the only heroes series to have normal sized cards (future waves had Smaller card backings)

2. Hero's series 2

wave 2 consisted of the origonal 5 automorphing rangers (see mmpr section) ranger (jason) ranger (billy) 3.yellow ranger (trini) ranger (kimberly) ranger (zack) Each ranger comes with a blade blaster (the tatoo and power weapons were omitted in this wave) These were packaged on smaller cards then wave one and like wave one were kaybee toys exclusives, The card backs were again generic

hero's series 3

This wave consisted of the 6 "movie" Rangers 1.White ranger (tommy) 2.Red Ranger (rocky) ranger (Billy) 4.Pink ranger (kimberly) 5.yellow ranger (aesha) ranger (adam) This wave uses the movie rangers mold ,except they are no longer vacum metalized. each ranger comes with a BladeBlaster (Tommy comes with a 2 part power shield and Saba (saber) This wave was again released on the same small generic cards as series 2 was (difernt backing) Factiods: The yellow and pink rangers are particularly rare in this wave 4.Hero's series 4

This wave consisted of the 6 automorphing zeo rangers 1.zeo ranger 1 Pink (Kat) item # 10148 2.zeo ranger 2 yellow (tanya) 3.zeo ranger 3 blue (rocky) 4.zeo ranger 4 green (adam) 5.zeo ranger 5 red (tommy) ranger (jason)
All 6 carded figures Generic series 4 back Each ranger comes with a zeo pistol,and zeo lance (jason comes with power staff only) As with series 2 and 3 this wave comes on smaller generic card backs
:Pink and yellow are particularly rare in this wave as well

Hero's series 5

this wave consists of all 6 of the zeo rangers 1.Zeo ranger 3 blue (Rocky) 2.Zeo ranger 4 green (adam) 3.Zeo ranger 5 red (tommy) 4.Gold Ranger (jason) 5. Zeo Ranger 1 Pink (Kat) item # 10311 6.Zeo ranger 2 yellow (Tanya)
They are the same figures as in wave 4 . There are 6 packaging differnces on these figures from wave 4
1.different item numbers proof tag is on the reverse side. 3.Saban logo removed. kids label removed. 5.Says series 5 on paper insert. 6.Border around Lighting bolt in package. The card back is differnt then wave 4.
1.this wave was given away free at kaybee toys (spend 15$ on pr and get one free

Heroes wave 6

This wave consisted of 5 of the Turbo double shifter figures. these are all packaged on the same generic card as waves 2-5 (different backings of course)
front of cards (all 5) back of card
(it is not known at this time if pink exists or not)
1.Tommy/Tj 2.Justin 3.tanya/ashley 4.Phantom Ranger 5.Adam/Carlos
Parts break down:
1.Tommy/Tj 1.turbo saber 2. double sided swords(x2) 3. Turbo blaster
2.Justin 1.Turbo saber 2.sword (wrist mounted) 3.Shield (wrist mounted) 4.Turbo blaster
3.tanya/ashley (grapple hook shooting action) 1.Turbo Blaster 2.Turbo saber 3. grappling hooks (x2) (attacked to wrists permanetly)
4.Phantom Ranger 1.Turbo navigator (defender mode) 2.Turbo blaster (alternate mode)
5.Adam/Carlos 1.Turbo blaster 2.Turbo saber 3.R.a.m. cannon missle (attached to r.a.m cannon with a string) 5.chest panel (attached to figure..easily lost)
1. these are identicle to the third wave of turbo figures with exception to thier weapons all being a lighter tint. 2. this wave with its usual un-unique cards.. doesn't state the action feature from each ranger. 3.Pink is notably missing...has anyone seen one at all?
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