paladin's Knockoff figures section

1.Space tommy Ever wonder what tommy would look like as a space ranger? Tommy in Space back of toy Very amusing he comes packaged with : blaster pris rangers large gun 3.colourfull spiral saber all the accesories are slightly larger then thier origonal counterparts the toy is a white version of the pris 8' andros figure with the usual white ranger power shield (fairly comon to see on knockoffs) This is a chinese packaged figure (I asume its release was to try to cash in on the recent redubbing pris into japenese)
2. Beetlebonder/ashley that is one big gun she's carrying front back more from the whacky pris knockoffs this is the pris ashley light up figure with a beetle borgs beetle bonder.(called input magnum here) The back of the package is covered with multi-language nonsense and a try me section..but no punched out hole to try it out... (amusing) I believe there are other coloured rangers packaged like this (i've seen pink on ebay)
3. Space Green Ranger Ever wonder what would happen if Adam or tommy came back for Power rangers in space (or justin..eewww) space green space green(back) This toy was found in singapore in 2001 (again going with the recent surge of strange pris knockoffs). it has all the accesories that pris blue came with, coloured in blue not green. There is no bandai logo anywhere to be seen the light up feature is intact, complete with pull tab
4.zeo aircraft warriors Aircraft rangers loose well, I can pick out gundam,transformers,brave and several other toylines names on this goofy knockoff giftset of zeo rangers. very cheaply made, thier backs aren't painted. One of the ones I saw was missing an arm.... this was found by me at the local dollar store for a buck the aircraft warriors card has been seen with transfromers and random zords as well.
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