paladin's Power Rangers knockoffs

Now your proably asking yourself..what the heck is a knockoff?
Have you ever seen a bright pink falconzord? or perhaps a
power shield wearing red ranger mint on a blue ranger card?
if you've answered yes...then you've seen a knockoff.
knockoffs are created by shady companies that have either
1.stolen toy molds
2.made thier own
and decided to cash in on a popular toyline.
powerrangers are no exception....I've seen oodles of them over the years
so here I will try to document thier wierdness:

1. Power Ranger figure Knockoffs
2. Power Ranger Zords Knockoffs
3.Imaginary racer series
4.Timeforce in space
5.Green Blade blaster
7 Auto-morphin rangers
8.Random other knockoffs

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