paladin's Power Rangers knockoffs


1.Blue and Green Senturians These were released in severl different knockofflines. The Red version (not pictured yet) was part of imaginary racer. the blue version was from the aircraft warriors line. the green verison was from the aircraft warriors line as well. The aircraft warriors version came packated with a set of zeo rangers (will scan in once I remeber where they went).also a reapinted version of the rising turbo megazord (rising feature removed). for accesories he comes with a pair of golden Synergizer one in search mode one in gun mode, and one in baton mode. This knockoff of the Turbo Blue senturian is about 1/3 taller then the larger 8 inch toy. All of the action features were removed. The chest is just a decal. The toy is generally loose (all 3 i've seen have had loose arm joints) An interesting adition to a turbo collection (i'd be curious if anyone has found other coloured versions)
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