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1. 5 inch Rangers(automophing)

This series of figures consisted of 6 individually carded figures it was also the only series to give the rangers thier show names: Each Figure came with similar accesories, each ranger would come with :
Blade blaster/gun (white) Tatoo(depicting thier particular dinosaur) power weapon(grey) (in tommy's case he came with his Dragondagger(grey)
1.Jason(red) 1.Power Sword 2.Tyranosaurus tattoo 2.kimberly(pink) 1.Power Bow 2. pterodactyl tattoo 3.Zack(black) 1.Power Axe 2. mammoth tattoo 4.Trini(yellow) 1.Power Daggers (2) 2.Saber tooth Tiger tatoo 5.Billy(blue) 1. power Lance (2 one with a peg, one with a hole) 2.Triceratops tattoo 6. Tommy(green) 1.Dragon Dagger 2. Dragonzord tattoo 3.Dragon buckler (front and back) 7. complete Power Blaster
Fun Factoids
1.These figures are by far the most common pr toy available they are comonly (and anoyingly) called flip head rangers by the uninformed. 2.The rangers have a "auto-morphing feature" that when a button is pressed thier head flips around to thier morphed helmet. They each are made from the same mold, save diferent teenager heads (pictures forthcoming) 3.You could use thier power weapons to form The "Power Blaster" (tommy's dragondagger is the exception) 4.These figures are abnormally common due to the fact that they have been re-released in many diferent packages,releases, there is little to no differences to each release for these 6 rangers (many asortments of auto-morphers exist) 5.The series 1 asortment can be easily picked out by its bright green cardbacks (same used for the evil space aliens in this series as well) 6.There are many many knockoff varients to these figures which will be covvered in the soon to be made knockoff's section here: pr-Knockoffs

2. 5 inch Evil Space Aliens

The evil space alien wave 1 figures were fairly abundent at first and Consisted of 12 monsters (largest asortment ever). Each figure had his own unique accesory(s). Most of the figures also had a action feature.
1.Pudgy Pig disks 1.burger action: eats food disk and can poop it out through hatch on his back(ick).
2.Slippery Shark gun (looks like super soaker) Action: squeeze legs and his jaw opens carded
3.Minotaur 1.Mace 2. Shield action :Swings weapons
4.pete and repeat 1.missle(2) 2. shield 3.hatchet action:fires missle from beak
5.Snizzard 1. Snake 2. Sword action: jaw opens in a strange fashion note: he breaks fairly easily note2: he was the only alien packaged on his side (large tail)
6.Eyeguy 1.eyeball 2.stand(eye attaches to stand) action :2 eyes (attached by string) fire off from body
7.Nasty knight 1.Sword 2.Shield
Action: swings sword 8.(spider guy) action: springy legs
9.Gramole: 1. Staff Action: arms are springy note : his weapon falls apart easily
10.Grumble bee 1.honeycomb gun action: spits out tongue (scary) (note) his antenai come off easily and consequently get lost just as easily
11.Peckster 1.lacross racket (very dangerous ball on string) action: pecks 12.Stag Beetle 1.STag staff

3. 8 inch Rangers

This series consisted of 5 rangers packaged in "triangle boxes". Each figure had a similar mold (save the diferent helmet designs). Each figure came with a identicle Blade blaster. These figures were also give thier ranger names ,as well as the unused morph pictures (UNused in the series anyways save the pilot). and a picture of the actor that played that ranger. This series figures can be defined by being the only 8 inch rangers to have waist articulation (later series are similar but without the waist articulation. (these will be covered later)
jason(red) zach(black) Billy(blue) Kimberly(pink) Trini(yellow)
Fun Factoids
1.Jason and zack are more comon then the other 3 2.Billy being average (true to his character) 3.Kimberly and trini are very short packed (exact case asortments unavailable at this time) 4.some stores (Ames Bradleys) had during the zeo era gotten in a strange asortment of only pink ranger figures (may have only been my area). 5.The pink and yellow rangers were very sought after duirng the early days of pr (they were the hot item for the xmas of 94). 6.The 6th ranger (green) tommy was only available in the Dragonzord zord asortment initailly. 7.These rangers were re-released in the much missed Power Playback series in rectangular window boxes. That asortment is identicle to this one save packaging, and the addition of green and white ranger (thunderzord series) the toys are identicle however. 8.Green ranger was also re-released in a special two pack with the white ranger labeled "gold team" This is a very sought after pr colectible

4. Battle Bikes

The battles bikes were a asortment of 3 (gasp!) bikes They were packaged in rectangular boxes (No windows) each bike came with a special 4 inch ranger (I am a huge huge fan of these well rounded figures)
red battle bike: accesories: 2 missles, sidecar,red ranger figure (4 inch),blade blaster(gun) sticker sheet, instructions notes: the red bike was the only bike without a place for a ranger in the sidecar Blue battle bike: accesories :2 missles ,sidecar, 4 inch blue ranger, blade blaster(gun) sticker sheet, instructions note: the side car has a place to put a pink ranger figure (as I didn't get these when they were out I am not aware if the first run came with a pink ranger or not) Black battle bike: accesories :2 missles ,sidecar, 4 inch black ranger, blade blaster(gun) sticker sheet, instructions note: the side car has a place to put a yellow ranger figure (as i didn't get these when they were out I am not aware if the first run came with a yellow ranger or not)
These bikes were fairly rare when they were first released during the xmas of 94 (I personaly never ever saw them in the stores) Factoids: 1.the Battle bikes were re-released during the *sniff* canceled Power Playback series, in standard rectangular bike boxes (like the thunder,shark,zeo etc) 2.these were the only ones I got retail, so I am not aware if the first run came with anything I missed above (any help would be grand)

5.Evil Space Aliens (8'inch)

This series of villans consisted of a inital wave of 4 villans 1.Goldar (golden monkey 2.King Sphinx Boxed 3.sqaut)Boxed 4.baboo Wave one box back(squats) Wave 1 insert(squat
these were released in large rectangular window boxes with a insert that depicted everyones favorate evil queen, rita repulsa A second wave was quickly released on the heels of the first consisting of the origonal 4 plus these new comers: 5.Putty Patroler 6.Finster Loose 7.Bones
Factoids (as I only have a first release boxed squat, i am not aware if the packaging had changed over the two releases) The putty patroler came with a white version of Goldar's sword (goldar's sword from the show..the goldar toy had no accesories)

6.Command center

This was one of very few playsets released in the entire power rangers toyline. Accesories: 1.exclusive Alpha 5 action figure car 3.c-shaped control console, attaches to base 4.voice changer (requires batteries) 5.removable ground section
6.Viewing globe Factoids: (none)
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