Season 1 Morphers/Weapons

Blade Blaster/Morpher box set

The Blade Blaster and morpher were packaged together in a large rectangular box. The gun featured the ability to transform into 3 modes gun/sword/claw. gun mode Sword mode The morpher had 5 interchangable coins(gold). When a button was pressed, it opened up and made noise/lit up (ooh so shiny!) The morpher has a handle on the back to hold It up
Parts breakdown: Bladeblaster gun(red) battery cover(gun) 5 coins (gold) 1.Pteradactyl 2.Tyranosaurus 3.Mammoth 4.Triceratops 5.Saber Tooth Tiger Morpher Battery cover
FActoids:The Morpher/Blade Blaster was only released in the early wave of pr (94-95) and was never re-released Later toys including the tigerzord, and the movie edition rangers, each came with a power coin that could be used in the morpher. Recent knock off rangers have been spotted packaged with mmpr coins an ironicly enough a gold tigerzord coin with the green tommy figure. A pr fan on irc had mentioned that he soposedly had a dragonzord coin but has since failed to show proof, interesting... If you happen to have a broken or unneeded dragon dagger you can take it apart and with some clever modifiying you can use the dragonzordsymbol as a coin ;-) (I have yet to try this..i have a trashed dragon dagger. More on this as I feel motivated) Variations: A white blade blaster has turned up here and there (asumed to be a knockoff) also unconfirmed to whether its a zyuranger-toy (sentai show that pr was made from)A belt clip has been located for the morpher (I am aware that the zyu version came with it, but the buckle was obtained with the us version of the morpher in a ebay lot

Dragon Dagger

The Dragon Dagger is by far my favorate pr "live action" toy It comes in a long rectangle window box The dragon dagger has 4 sound effects ,including: 1. summon dragonzord sound 2. Dragon zord missle attack 3. mmpr call sound 4. slash effect the dagger has a hard rubber blade and a mouthpiece (for show only) the only accesory that comes with the dragon dagger is the battery cover
FActoids:The ever so kewl dragon dagger was re-released during the *sobs uncontrolably* ill-fated power playback series in a very nice window box display ,with a 5 inch automorphing green ranger. Yours trully has a mib (not sealed) dragon dagger signed by The green ranger himself Jason David Frank aka tommy, here : signed dragon dagger picture you all may become envious ;-)

5 in 1 Power Blaster

The power Blaster was released only once durring the 94-95 Timeframe. The set was released in a fairly large window box. the set contained all 5 rangers power weapons.
complete Power Blaster Parts Breakdown Power Sword :red handled sword with light grey rubbery blade. Picture Power bow :white bow with pink stickers and rubber tips on each end. Picture Power Daggers(2): yellow handled daggers with light grey rubber blade (resmebles sai's sorta). Picture Power lance(2): blue shafted lance with 3 rubber prongs on the end,and a silver ring around the botom (note: all the american ones I have obtained do not connect, as the one I got in the store was missing parts (ie retturned) I am unaware if there is somthing missing from the lance) picture Power Axe: black axe/gun with yellow rubber blade, transforms simply into a hand gun, has red translucent part on end of gun picture instruction sheet Sticker sheet (may have been 2)
FActoids: the Zyuranger(see above) version of the power Blaster is vastly superior in the following ways its called dino somthing, but each weapon's prefix is replaced with Dino as apossed to Power (ie dinosword instead of Powersword) Dinosword :Blade is rock hard and is dark grey. dinolance: Lance has better shaped prongs and connects together! (still not sure about the us version missing parts) Dinobow: Bow actualy shoots out missles (I don't have the missles sadly) as well as better bow tips I am unsure of the other parts since I only got those 3 in a huge ebay lot but we can asume that the axe made sound effects (the red translucent part pretty much proves it..also the handle looks like it could hold batteries) The daggers praobly have a hard tip like the sword any info would be aprecaited as always ;-)
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