Paladin's MMPR Season 1 Zords page

1.Deluxe Megazords

Origonal Megazord The origonal Megazord consisted of 5 seperate zords Tyranosaurus rex(red),pterodactyl(pink) Mammoth(black) SaberTooth Tiger(yellow) and the Triceretops(blue) This Megazord Has a tank mode. It could combine with the Dragonzord to form MegaDragonZord. It could also combine with Titanus To form the UltraMegazord.
Additional Accesories include Power Sword (2 variations grey rubber, Silver hard plastic) 2 cannons (grey) Instruction sheet Sticker sheet (1) small silver cannon (tail gun for triceretops) horns (2) (triceretops silver) tusks (2) (mammoth/shield) trunk (mammoth) shield (mammoth's face) The pterodactyl also has removable wings (2) The Tyranosaurus has a removable tail tip

2.Limited Black and gold Megazord Save colour alone, this zord is identical to the origonal Megazord. As his name states he was fairly limited compared to the origonal Megazord. (exact numbers are not known to me But he's not THAT hard to come by) His colours are mainly black with gold trim, with some hints of red. I am not aware of his sword or cannon colours as I don't have them (I believve the Sword is gold)
Pterodactyl Saber Tooth Tiger Triceretops Tryanasaurus Mammoth(sans head) Megazord loose front Megazord loose back
DragonZord The DragonZord consists of a single Zord. He can combine with the Origonal Megazord to form Mega Dragonzord. He can then combine with Titanus to become UltraMegaDragonZord.
Accesories tail end (large) tail tip (fits in tail end) Sound box/chest battery cover drill stand black waist clip sticker sheet instruction sheet Green ranger 8 inch Figure Power Shield front Power Shield back White Bladeblaster(gun)
(interesting note, the first wave of Green Ranger figures were made from a fairly toxic material, that made kids sick if they chewwed on the toy, It is dificult if not impoosible to tell the diferences between the two releases, so I wouldn't suggest chewing on him ;-) The second release (late season 1) soposedly fixes this "problem"
Variants : Not sure if its a knock off, there is a dragonzord where the waist clip is hard-formed into the chest peice I am aware that knockoff's exist, but I have not seen them persoanly (you know what to do if you can confirm this ;-)

Rovang has brought to my attention that the 3rd series re-release of Titanus came with the Dragonzord chest module mentioned above (awaiting pictures)
dragonzord boxed front Titanus The CarrierZord Titanus can combine with the Megazord with or without the Dragonzord attached to form The UltraMegazord or the UltraMegaDragonZord Titanus is a single Zord
Parts: Head front Paws(2)(white) metal chains(2) 2 clips chest shield Tail/cannons (2) (white) Batery Cover instruction sheet Sticker sheet
Factoids:Titanus Was very expensive to produce, and was in fairly short supply at first . He was later re-released during Ninja series . (not aware of any mold diferences I beleive his box was diferent) Thus reducing his rareity (tho he was hard to find even then). Titanus was also re-released during Pris in a very cruel manor They removed his head and dubbed him space Titanus...(cruel no?)

2. Intermediate Zords

The Intermediate megazord conisted of 3 zords (kinda) Main body (Tyranosaurus,Mammoth and pterodactyl meshed together (they could not be seperated) Sabertooth Tiger(yellow) Triceretops(blue) You could remove the "legs" , leaving a legless megazord (somthing I'll never understand). This Megazord stands rougly 8 inches tall. He has wheels on his back (no idea why). His Fists could be fired off (and consequently lost easily).
Parts Breakdown fists (1 left 1 right *gasp*) power Sword (shiny silver) Power Shield (mamoth face) (I am not aware if he came with a sticker sheet or instructions)
Factoid: the Intermediate Megazord was Re-released during the short lived (but loved) Power Playback series It was identicle in toy, but with a diferent box This zord is abnormally common (blame the re-release and cheaper price)

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