Paladin's updatepage

April 16th
Page opens!
Began work on mmpr section
finished basic zord page
finished basic figure Page
finished basic Morpher Page

April 17th
Added Black and gold megazord loose pictures
added 3 automorphing rangers pics
made news page
added note to zords page(dragonzord)

April 23rd
Added custom figures section
labeled unused sections for convieniance

April 24th
Added mmpr1 space aliens asortment 1 and 2 descriptions
added command center description
added squat,king sphinx pics
aded blade blaster pics
added alpha 5 pics

April 26th
Added 8 inch jason picture to mmpr1 figures
added automorphing tommy picture to mmpr1 figures
April 30th
opened Zeo section
added photopoint acount to links section
finished basic zeo zord section
did all loose super zeo pics
may 1st
Added warrior wheel (ick) pictures *all*

may 4th
Added punch zord pictures (zeo)

May 11th
Added Pyramidas pictures
May 16th
Added zeo figures section
Deleted elitest pr sites from links section
june 7th
Attempted to fix typos and gramatical errors
(if I missed any feel free to point them out)
Added automorphin Trini picture
added Power Blaster pictures
june 10th
Added Toy reviews section!

june 29th
added ultra ranger review
added heroes section
added heroes series 1-4
november 12
site was succesfully moved to a dedicated server!
added a ton of new pictures (and more standard format) to the
mmpr figures section
added a thunderzords section
added tigerzord
added assault team
added red dragon
September 29th 2002
Updated 8 inch season 2 esa's
added Power playback section
cleared out all non-pr sections
cleaned up main page
experimenting with new setup (check power playback section)
October 1st 2002
Redesigned the ThunderZords section
added Serpentara
added Thunder Asualt Team + Red Dragon Thunderzord gift set picture.
made the news section more readable

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