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Wave 2 Evil Space Aliens 5 inch

This wave consisted of 6 new Evil Space Aliens. Each ESA came with weapon(s) and an action feature.
figure breakdowns
1.RoboGoat Action Feature: Head Butting action Weapon(s):Staff , shield Other: Carded Robogoat 2.Invenusable Flytrap action Feature: Opening chest Weapon(s) Clamp Trap Other: chest door left, chest door right 3.Fall apart Putty Patroler Action feature: Press the Z on his chest and he falls apart Weapon(s): Axe, club other:head , left arm ,right arm 4.Light up Lord Zedd Action Feature: lights up Weapon(s): Z staff Other: 5.Goldar Action Feature: sword slashiing Weapon(s): sword Other: Carded Goldar 6.Pythor Action Feature: tongue lash Weapon(s): leech-thing? Other:
1.This wave was showed on the back of the package without thier weapons (except Lord Zedd) 2.Pythor never actualy showed up on the show (is he is an unused Zyu2 villan)

Evil Space Aliens 8 inch

This wave consisted of 6 evil space aliens. back of box They each came packaged with a weapon.
1.RhinoBlaster Weapon: 2.PirantasHead Weapon: tri blade 3.Socradillo Weapon:Spiked Mace 4.Guitardo #asst-2211 item#-2216 Weapon: Claw/Staff (Boxed Guitardo) 5.Lord Zedd weapon : Z staff 6. Goofish weapon: Fish Staff
1. Some of these villans were in fact from season 1 (thanks Rovang) but werereleased during season 2. 2. Guitardo was not on the back of the box yet he was in this wave
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