paladin's Thunderzord section
1. ThunderZord Asault Team
This team consisted of 4 seperate zords:
1. Firebird
2. griffon
3. Lion
4. Unicorn
This Zord could combine into The Asault team on its own.
It combines with the Red Dragon Thunderzord to form the
mega thunderzord.
It can then combine with Tor the shuttle zord
Finally It can combine with the White Tigerzord into the
mega Tigerzord.
This zord was packaged by itself and in a gift pack with the
red dragon thunderzord.

parts breakdown:
1. set of 4 mini rangers (2x of each colour)
(note: black blue yellow and pink are the 4 colours)
2. Set of 4 mini crystals (2x of each colour)
3. Firebird tail
4.lion tail/helmet
5.helmet face plate
6. green orb for tail(x2 halves)
7. gold tail for helmet
8. thunder saber
9. thunder saber sheath
10. Crystal orb for saber (x2 halves)
11. Asault team base
12. lion legs/megazord arms (x2 left and right)
13. lion cockpit door (not easily removed)
14. Sticker sheet
15. Instruction Sheet

fun factoids
1.As you can see above... The thunderzord a sault team has the most
small accesories of all the released zords.
2.Some of the larger parts of this zord seem to be very common
3.some parts of this team were used on strange knockoff robots (face
mask and sword specificly)

Red Dragon Thunderzord

The Red Dragon Thunderzord can transform from a robot into a dragon
He combines with the ThunderZord Asault team.
He was released in two packages seperatly
and in a gift set with the Asault team.

Parts breakdown:
1. Red Dragon head
2.scepter (two sectons) red ranger (x2)
4.Mini crystal (x2)
5.sticker sheet
6.instruction manual
7. Red dragon tail (main piece)

fun factiods
1.The red dragon is abnormally common.
2.You can attach the firebird thunderzords tail to
the red dragons spear for all your skewering delights.

White Tigerzord
The white tigerzord consisted of a single zord.
he could combine with the Thunderzord asault team to form
the mega tigerzord.
he transforms from tiger to robot and back.
He was packaged with an 8 inch white ranger figure.
Parts breakdown:
1. White tiger coin
2. white ranger 8' figure
3. power shield (front and back)
4. saba (sword)
5. tail/sword
6. sword hilt (2 parts)
7. sword crystal (2 halves)
8. Red orbs (x6)
9. mini white ranger (x2)
10. white crystal (x2)
11. firebird leg base
12. Firebird legs (left and right)
13. head crystal

1.The tigerzord came with a very unacurate White tiger coin
2.The tigerzord came with extra parts for the origonaly legless
firebird zord
3.your favorate toy archive seems to have amassed an army of nearly
20 tigerzords over the years.
4.the tigerzord is abnormally common

Tor the shuttlezord

Tor is the largest of the Thunderzords.
he transforms from a Turtle to a robot .
Tor combines with the Red Dragon zord ,
the white tigerzord ,and the asault team
in several differnt configurations.
Tor was the second Ultrazord
Tor has a sounds and light feature,
(he roars and makes cannon sounds).
parts break down:
3.battery cover
4.left foot
5.right foot
6. left arm
7.right arm
8. gold shell parts x2 each
9. cannon tips x4
10. arm clips x4
11. sticker sheet
12. instructions

1.Tor was one of the few Megazords not destroyed on the show.

5. Serpentara
Serpentara was lord Zedd's zord.
He transformed from Dragon/flight mode to Battle mode.
box front box insert
Parts Breakdown:
2. Serpentara
3.Sticker sheet
4.Instruction sheet

1.The origonal Japanese Dairanger toy had lights and sound effects.
2.Serpentara makes a mysterious return during Power Rangers Wildforce>
(during the forever red episode)
3.Serpentara was the only use released "evil" zord. is a picture of the Dairanger verison of Serpentara

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