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TimeForce Auto-Morphers

This is a UK exclusive released timeforce auto-morphing Blue Ranger (lucas) loose figure This was brought to my attention by SnoopsWarner(yay snoops!) It appears to come with A time force Blaster (more info as it comes in) update: Wes/red Morphed Wes/red unmorphed Lucas/blue Morphed Lucas/blue unmorphed Trip/green Morphed Trip/green unmorphed (again special thanks to Shadow Ranger for the scans) This wave consists of the 3 standard male rangers.
Factoids 1.The Trip figure appears to have black hair (on the show he has Green)

Time force zord armoured rangers This wave consists of 3 different figures Red zord armoured ranger blue zord armoured ranger green zord armoured ranger each figure comes with a set of clip on armour that resembles one of the time force megazords. Green = Shadow winger blue = timeforce megazord mode blue red = timeforce megazord mode red Special thanks to ShadowRanger for the scans
Factoids 1.These appear to use similar molds as the lost galaxy exploring rangers.
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