Uk Timeforce section

1. Auto Morphin Rangers
This wave consisted of 3 figures
Each figure can morph into a ranger by squeezing thier legs together.
they use the same design as the turbo auto-morphers.
1.Wes(red ranger) / Morphed
2.Trip(Green ranger) / Morphed
3.Lucas(Blue ranger) / Morphed
each figure came with a Timeforce blaster.
1.These were only available in the uk.
2.Part of the design on wes's chest is missing
3.There was a promotion when these were released
that you could get a free zord armour figure with any purchase
4.On the back of the package Trip is seen with black hair ,the actual
toy has Green streak in his hair (simmilar to the 12 inch toy)

1.Armoured rangers
This wave consisted of 3 figures
1.Wes (red ranger) timeforce megazord mode red armour.
armoured back/ armour set
2.Trip (green ranger) Time shadow armour.
3.Lucas (blue ranger) timeforce megazord mode blue armour.
armoured back/ armour set
Each figure came with a 2 part Time saber.
these figures are 3 1/4 inches tall (same size/design as the pris/lg exploring rangers
Factoids: 1. these were only available from a Uk store promotion, you could get one free
with any timeforce purchase.
Special thanks to ShadowRanger for supplying me with the figures and information

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