paladin's Power Rangers: What never was ZEO section

ever wonder what came out in japan? ever wonder if they got somthing we didn't, well here I'll be reviewing the interesting items we never saw on this side of the country..defender wheel... spiral saber etc etc

1. Defender wheel

The defender wheel was from ohranger (zeo to us) it came packaged with the royal house of gadgetry sprocket Queen machina and King Mondo (us names). these are basicly "bowling pin" type pvc figures (no us release of these villans was ever made) It had a large wheel with zeo ranger 5 inside (unopenable) you could attach your zeo crystal to the crank and wind it up, and fire Zeo ranger 5 at the villans.
asorted photo's Box front loose toy Box bottom side view Box side wheel(and sprocket Box side royal family Box insert royal family(back) this was picked up in japan by my friend DRMM (thanks!)
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