paladin's ZeoZord section

1.Zeo Megazord

The Zeo Megazord consisted of 5 zords:
1.zeozord 1 (blue leg thing (pink stickers) 2.zeozord 2 (blue leg thing (yellow stickers) 3.zeozord 3 (bull(green stickers) 4.zeozord 4 (sphinx blue stickers) 5.zeozord 5 (firebird red)
The ZeoMegazord could combine with the red Battle zord. He could also combine with pyramidas.
parts breakdown 5 helmets 2 golden horns (for bull helmet) zeo sword hand guard for sword sticker sheet (1) instruction sheet
Factoids: You could store all 5 helmets on the fully formed Zeo megazord(2 hook onto zeozord 5) The "leg zords" (1 and 2) have strings in a secret compartment that could be used by 3 and 4 to pull them around (since they were aparently pretty useless)

2. Red Battlezord

The red battlezord consisted of a single zord. He is battery operated (2 C batteries) He can combine with the zeo megazord and pyramidas
pictures: Loose front loose back
parts breakdown: Head (star face/robot face)picture sticker sheet(1) instruction sheet
Factoids: 1.Your favorate toy archiver has dubbed this zord "punchzord" since that was generallly his only use in battle, was to well, punch stuff. 2.Its amusing to set up two punchzords up, and have them fight to the death


Pyramidas is the largest zord made (at the point of this writing) He was the Carrier zord for Zeo you could combine the Zeo Zords and Red Battle Zord with him
Loose front Loose back with red battlezord attached Loose pyramid mode
parts breakdown arms (large yellow with black fists) small "pyramid" sticker sheet (tiny) instruction sheet
factoids:Once your favorate toy archiver destroyed a pyramidas in a fit of stupidity (he has since replaced him) pyramidas has a sticker on him that states :do not stand on pyramidas warning label he is not a standing toy (this proves that some dingus got hurt doing this)

4. Warrior Wheel

Warrior wheel was the replacement for Pyramidas ,when trey decided that he wanted his toy back Warrior wheel is the smallest (and lamest) pr zord ever Warrior wheel could transform from a wheel into a robot Warrior wheel was made partly out of metal
Parts Break down: Target (cardboard thing that you threw him at)Image instruction sheet sticker sheet image
pictures Boxed front Boxed back box insert Loose wheel mode Factoids:Warrior wheel was made to be thrown at a target.He would then transform into a very unfun,unposable robot 2.Warrior wheel in fact sucks. 3.Warrior wheel was beaten as a child. 4.Warrior wheel's name in the sentai Ohranger was Tackle Boy. 5.He really deserved being beaten. 6.Nobody loves Warrior Wheel.

5.Auric the Conquer Zord

Auric is a stand alone Zord. He comes with a key to transform him. The key is diecast metal.
Parts breakdown yellow sword/sabre Key (Diecast metal gold) instruction sheet sticker sheet
Factoids :nothing really exciting..

6.Super Zeo Megazord

The Super Zeo Megazord consisted of 5 seperate robots. he couldn't combine with any other zords.
complete loose
Parts breakdown: pink zeo zord(splits in half) loose yellow zeo zord loose blue zeo zordloose green zeo zord(splits in half) loose red zeo zord loose yellow swords x2 loose helmet loose head cross loose instruction sheet sticker sheet
Factoids: The super Zeozord was re-released during "lost Galaxy" as the galactic Megazord he is identicle to the Zeo released one Back to main">