Sure, you might know who we are, but I bet you're asking what do we do?? Well. . . We have FUN! You name it, we've probably done it. We have parties, snowball fights, food fights, water fights, quiet times, caring times, serious discussion, our "fuff" talk, even visits from people who make Power Rangers! In here you can read some special times in Alt. Remember though, Alt is what you make it!

What do we do?

Well, the best way of finding out what we do is joining our channel and seeing for yourself! ;) But... Here's some stuff we've done, or are known to do. Warning though, some might contain strong language. But don't worry, swearing and stuff usually isn't found in Alt until the later hours of the evening entering our "fuff" hours. Enjoy!

The Logs' Rating Code:

G = Rated "G", viewing for all ages [White background]
PG = Rated "PG", no worse than Daytime TV [Green background]
A = Rated "A" for Adult, contains mature topics/language [Red background]
S = Silly Log
W = Weird Log

G,S Too Many Jasons! If you can follow this log, you are among the few elite of the earth. ;)
G,S One day, I [AmandaB] discoverd I have a son!
A,W Our perverted/insane friend, Niko.
PG,S What better way to celebrate a birthday, than with a A nude party!
A,W Thena's B-Day, and our Founder, Rap. A leeetle scary. ;)
A,S Here's a typical, "Mighty" day in Alt
G,S Alt Silliness
A,S Drunken Fun
A,S Fun with Candy
A,W "The Day We All Got Horny!" *Contains Mature Topics/Words*
A,S Well, uhhh. . . I don't know how to describe it. Phil is, uhh. . .
PG,S All Hail the Mighty Yost!
A,S Um, are Cookies meant for that?
G,W Me Vs. You
PG,S Hey, its PR Roleplaying!
G,S It's the Toilet Rangers!
PG,W Woah... talk about Musical Nicknames!
G,S Ever have days where you just have the urge to talk Backwards|sdrawkcaB?
A,W Is your modem a virgin? Well, in this convo you'll learn the basics of "Modem Sex"
PG,S The title describes it all... "Beyond Confusion."
A,S #Alt-MMPR After Hours--Subliminal Messages
A,S The night we found Alt Measures Up. [Contains Mature Subject Matter]
A,S Derik discovers the "Top 10 Reasons Not To Piss Off An Op."
G,S Canada Invades Alt!
PG,W Oh no! Tiger and Kristen on AKICK??
G,S The Vending Machine.
A,W Speculations on Droids and Sex
G The Log of FireStryker's Last Chat
PG,W Ahem... Snoops, what's with the Playgirl??
G,W Believe it or not, math can be fun! Yes--fun with numbers!
A,W White Tiger relates some #Alt-Pulp Fiction
G,S Talk about a cloning problem!
A,S The truth revealed! Scott is making a PR Porno! (Well, not really, but...)
A,S It's here! The Alt Party held on August 31st, 1998!
G,S Get out your pocket dictionary, it's Forgein Language Night in Alt!
PG,W Be careful. Alters can regress at any moment!
G,W Did you know that Typing with your Nose can be dangerous?
PG,W Awww.. how cute! A Mousey Wedding! Well, kinda... it gets a bit scary.
G,W Wow! Danny (Leo the Red Ranger) in Alt!
A,W Who is the Kinkiest of all?
PG,S Drool Time! Who's the Hottest...?
G Check it out! Cerina, AKA. Maya the Yellow Ranger!
PG Alt's take on current global politics. We're so cute when we're "deep."

A huge thanks goes out to Kittie, Derik, and everyone who has sent me logs and helped out. THANKS!

Want more? Send me logs! If something happens, log it, then send me it! =) OR, just tell me about a time in Alt!

Last updated: February 2nd, 2001